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Koreans know the words, Americans know the dance!
What makes makes me beautiful?
One Direction 
Apparently I am a periodic element...
David Guetta ft. Sia 
Y.O.L.O is my (Blank)
Drake ft. Lil Wayne 
Flip a switch and you will
David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj 
Black People in France
Kanye West 
We love to swim in them...
Kendrick Lamar 
The Sound A Clock Makes
Doesn't matter who you love... Cause you were
Lady Gaga 
Your not too far, your just...
Alex Clare 
Very Original Name For the Song....
Nicki Minaj 
You gotta get up and (Blank)
Here's my number. So...
Carly Ray Jempson 
What Does the Wind do?
You can't really catch this, but Kelly thinks so...
Kelly Clarkson 

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