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Grand Theft Autumn/Where Is Your Boy, Centuries, Dance Dance
Dear Maria Count Me In, Jasey Rae, Weightless
My Friends Over You, Don't Let Her Pull You Down,
Ocean Avenue, Rest In Peace, Down On My Head
Cute Without the 'E', Tidal Wave, MakeDamnSure
Fake My Own Death, The Hell Song, In Too Deep
Bang Bang, Longview, 21 Guns
California, Wendy Clear, The Rock Show
Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous, The Anthem, Makeshift Love
Shut Up, Jet Lag, Boom
Cardinals, Melrose Diner, Me Vs The Highway
Ain't It Fun, Fences, Playing God
Self Esteem, Days Go By, The Kids Aren't Alright
Kick It, Growing Pains, Can't Kick Up the Roots
Solo, Quicksand, The Glass
Colder Quicker, I've Given Up On You, Late Nights In My Car
Pretense, Transparency, Evergreen
Jamie All Over, One Man Drinking Games, Kids In Love
Everything Is Alright, When You're Around, Time Turned Fragile
Elevated, All You Are Is History, Secrets
We All Float Down Here, Tonight We Feel Alive (On A Saturday), Wasting Time (Eternal Summer)
The Few That Remain, Mutiny!, Start the Reactor
Drop the Girl, Speakers Blown, F***ed Up Kids
Front Porch Sunrise, Indebted, Ides
Honey, Cherry, Swim Down
Girl All the Bad Guys Want, 1985, Almost
The Best of Me, Island, The Drama Summer
At Your Funeral, Shoulder to the Wheel, Freakish

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