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Can you name the Impractical Jokers Punishments (Season 5)?

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Forced Order
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Two Jokers have to race each other and whoever loses the race must sit at the edge of a helicopter, the winner though must jump out of the copter
The Loser must give people free alchohol drinking bracelets but then must take their drinking time away
The Loser has to present wild animals in a show that aren`t trained
The loser must watch people working out at the gym with a creepy glare
The loser must act as the sheriff in a dummy western town and face to wrath of the outlaws attacks
The loser must keep people from buying items at an auction
The loser must announce to swimmers that he`s urinating in the pool currently
The loser faces a court case the jokers made unbeknownst to him that nearly charges him for climbing on a public figure
The loser has to answer questions with disagreeing responses while on TV with three other feminists talking about women`s rights
The loser has to get a Prostate Exam at a medical event live
The loser tries to present his book at an author`s convetion while his phone constantly goes off with an annoying ringtone
The loser is dressed as a Centaur walking from the Staten Island Mall to his parent`s house but is being hunted by the other three jokers
The loser has his facial hair completely shaved off
The loser has to help a mother cow give birth
The loser has to play a creppy virtual reality game with animation goggles
The loser must give away his own clothes at a football game from a t-shirt cannon
During a challenge, the joker up is made the automatic loser where a child actor purposely messes up the superhero challenge buy doing the wrong thing with a water gun
The loser has to attend a Chinese funeral but since he can`t understand their language, he thinks he has to play the instruments that are dedication to the deceased boy
The loser has to play an annoying parent at a little league baseball game making cruel remarks to the coach and umpire
The loser is put into a wheelchair and is forced to bother people with the gadgets on the chair
The loser`s house is covered in wrapping paper for his birthday surprise
The loser has to tell little kids about grandparent divorce with uncomfortable facts
The loser is chained down and must conquer his arachnophonia by having tarantulas placed on him
The Loser has to be the star of a humiliating musical in front of his old firefighting crew
As revenge for the previous episode, the other 3 are losers and have to work as firefighters themselves

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