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KXWFThis philosopher's paradox seemingly shows motion to be impossible.
AFYXUQRWGTAngles that are equivalent mod 2π.
YFLFTFVOA set τ of subsets of a given set X such that τ contains the following: {}; X; any union of elements of τ; any finite intersection of elements of τ.
PTXRW ZFYYTXAn example of a closed non-orientable surface.
GMRFQA statement that is taken as true without proof, serving as a starting point for further deductions.
EHRWYRAThe Abel–Ruffini theorem states that polynomials of this type (or of higher degree) have no general solution in radicals.
NXUQGYA mathematician known for his 'last theorem' and his 'little theorem'.
EHGYXUWGUOBase 4 number system.
WHTT CLGAXThe set of vectors mapped to 0 by a given linear transformation.
KXYGThis symbol denotes the function that is central to the Riemann hypothesis.
TGLTGARGWThe divergence of the gradient of a real-valued function over Euclidean space.
GJSHVGYXObtained from a matrix by finding the transpose of its cofactor matrix.
XDXUCRFWThe process of turning a sphere embedded in ℝ³ inside-out via regular homotopy.
ABGUGAYXURCYRAThe smallest positive integer n such that summing n copies of a given ring's multiplicative identity results in its additive identity.
IUFWCPRGWA matrix determinant used to detect whether a collection of functions is linearly independent.
NRMXJ LFRWYAn element x in the domain of a function f such that f(x) = x.
TXZXCVHXThis type of integral is a generalization of the standard integral and is based on the measure of the same name.
GJSGAXWAOA matrix representation of a graph, where an element is 1 if the vertices corresponding to its row and column share an edge in the graph, and 0 otherwise.
ABRUGTA knot that is not isotopic to its mirror image.
TXQWRCAGYXA symbol representing infinity; the graph of the polar equation r = √cos(2θ).
AOATRAA type of group that is generated by a single element.
TGQZXUY IThe multi-valued inverse function of f(z) = ze^z.

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