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Can you name the Ragnarok Online High Wizard Skills?

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Basic Water spell 
Freezing spell 
Basic Wind spell 
Small area Wind spell 
Basic Fire spell 
Splash Fire spell 
Reveals invisible enemies 
Line of flames 
Ghost-type splash 
Fast cast Ghost 
Faster SP regeneration 
Earth-type debuff 
Shields from attacks 
Use SP to absorb damage 
Analyze monster stats 
Fire-type trap spell 
Damages invisible enemies 
Large area Fire damage 
Wind damage and knockback 
Large area Wind damage 
Only cast when standing in water 
Wall of ice 
Area of effect freezing centered on caster 
Large area Water damage+Freezing 
Single-target Earth damage 
Area of effect Earth damage 
Area of effect slow 
High Wizard
Absorb SP after killing enemy 
Use MATK for melee damage 
Fast cast Ghost splash 
Cancel ground-targeted spells 
Area slow and DEF-ignoring damage 

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