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Can you name the RO High Priest Skills?

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Increases DEF vs. Demons 
Reveals invisible enemies 
Recovers HP/Damage undead 
Creates holy water 
Increases ATK vs. Demons 
Shields from ranged attacks 
Warps user randomly or to save point 
Creates a portal to a saved map 
Raises an ally's walking speed 
Slows an enemy's walking speed 
Lowers DEF of Demons and Undead 
Raises party's defense 
Raises STR, INT and DEX 
Removes some negative status 
Single target holy damage 
Faster SP recovery 
Increase ATK with maces 
Increases ATK of single target 
Slows the effect of poison 
Removes stun, freezing/blinds undead 
Increases ally's HP and SP regen 
Guards against physical attacks 
Raises dead character to life 
Lowers cast time 
Enchants an ally's weapon with the Holy Property 
Requires three characters to cast 
Area of effect heal spell 
Shield absorbs a set amount of damage 
Raises LUK 
Silences Target 
High damage to undead 
Doubles damage on next attack to target 
Area of effect damage to demons and undead 
Sacrifice self to raise allies 
High Priest
Reduces damage to target 
Creates an area where nothing can attack 
Increases SP regen, max SP, and power of Heal skill 
Reduces SP cost for all skills 

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