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Can you name the glee characters!!!!!

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Forced Order
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gay, fancy clothes wearing, boy
mean coach, with good comebacks
a wanna be director in a wheel chair
solo stealing, Jewish girl
a goth, Asian girl, who changes her looks every season
a wanna be Broadway dream, stuck teaching spanish
a real diva with sass
a bad boy with a additude
an awkward tall drummer, with no moves
a hot mess that got into yale
a ginger with an OCD promblem
a big time lier, stuck with a job of folding sheets
lebanise, whos not afraid to go all Lima highs up on you
the owner of lord tubbington, and host of fondue for two
father of a gay, working at a tire shop
asian number 2, with great dance moves
a used to be warbler, whos leading his glee club to victory
trouty mouth
the owner of 47 different scarfs, half girl, half boy
a heart breaker, that goes from girl to girl
the new quarterback, with dyslexia
the new Quinn Fabray
a sweet girl, who loves her mom
sues beckertary
drug selling, crazy teacher, who loves josh groban
Irish speaking leprechaun
a rich girl, with no talent
a newly wed, who just lost her son
vampire believing, janitor, whos job was stolen by sue
piano playing, man in the choir room
fat bottomed girl
suicidal teenager who turns out to be gay
loser with an Afro
a substitute teacher who makes school fun
a lazy, gum chewing, ex football coach
football coach, who eats a chicken for every meal
vocal adrenaline star
drunk, old McKinley high star
ex vocal adrenaline coach who adopted Quinn's baby
the new Santana lopez
Olympic winning medalist, swim coach
new york NYADA student who tries to break apart finchel
Santana's new girl friend in new York
new member of kurts band
baby to Quinn and Puck
professor of NYADA
Rachel haten, dance teacher
new warbler lead who almost kills blaine
the only person sue loves in the world

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