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Can you name the missing word in these Red Hot Chili Peppers songs?

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Red Hot Chili Peppers songMissing word
True Men Don't ___ Coyotes
Scar ___
Get On ___
Rivers of ___
Sexy ___ Maid
___ Me Your Soul
Million ___ of Water
___ Li
Blues for ___
I'll Be Your ___
You Always ___ the Same
Throw Away Your ___
___ Tape
Apache ___ Peacock
Mellowship ___ in B Major
The ___ & The Wicked
Universally ___
___ Remmus
Blackeyed ___
___ School Girls Rule
Red Hot Chili Peppers songMissing word
This ___ Glove
American ___ Dance
___, Kick a Hole in the Sky
Pretty Little ___
___ into Grace
___ Be Thy Game
Death of a ___
She ___ to Me
Turn it ___
Grand ___ du Plenty
Get Up and ___
No ___ Love Sucker
Fight Like a ___
___ Dance
___ Mechanics
Salute to ___
Tuesday Night in ___
___ Sly Stone
___ Trilogy
Dum ___ a Willie

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