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Can you name the characters based on the titles seen on the Boxing Ring stage?

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Bark, Quack, Boom!
The Radiant Hero of Legend
Captain of Lady Palutena's Guard
Bounty Hunter Extraordinaire
The Gunner of Many Faces
The Young Lion
Warrior from a Doomed Future
The Blue Blur
Boy from Nowhere
The Illusive Sheikah
A Legend Reawakens
Tireless Wanderer
The Swordfighter of Many Faces
Master of Aura
Scoundrel with a Fart of Gold
Pompous Prodigy
The Yellow Bane of Ghosts
SOLDIER 1st Class
The Pink Puffball
Pika Pika!
The Warrior Within
Wacky War Machine
The Last of His Kind
Blue Metal Hero
Master of Two Dimensions
The Cosmic Travelers
The BMI Bandit
Goddess of Light
The PSI Powerhouse
The Prescriber
The King of Dream Land
The Sleepy Singer
Blazing Fury
Bruiser from the Bronx
The Brawler of Many Faces
The Acrobat
Hyrule's Wise Princess
Dark-Winged Doppelgänger
Veteran Astronaut
Blood of Dragons
The Supersonic Slugger
Princess of Toadstools
The Hero-King
The Youngest
Omnivore of the Year
Astronaut in Training
King of the Jungle
Wind-Waking Warrior
King of the Koopas
The Visionary
The Tactician Magician
The Bold Beauty
Mayor of Smashville
The Laughing Prankster
The King of Darkness
The Eternal Understudy
The Cool One
The Masked Swordsman
Master of Stealth
Mr. Video Game Himself
Prince of the Koopas
Proud Space Ace
The Enforcer
Leader of Star Fox
Hero of Hyrule
Yoga Warrior
Umbra Witch

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