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FounderReligious InstituteDemonym
Benedict of Nursia
Bruno of Cologne
Robert of Molesme
Gerard Thom
Norbert of Xanten
Berthold of Calabria
Heinrich Walpot
John of Matha
Francis of Assisi
Dominic of Osma
Peter Nolasco
Amadeus of the Amidei
Pope Innocent IV
Fernández y Pecha
Matteo Bassi
Anthony Maria Zaccaria
Ignatius of Loyola
FounderReligious InstituteDemonym
Teresa of Avila
Philip Neri
Luis de Léon
Joseph Calasanz
Vincent de Paul
Jean-Jacques Olier
Jean-Bapiste de La Salle
Claude Poullart des Places
Paul of the Cross
Alphonsus Liguori
Marcellin Champagnat
Vincent Pallotti
Basil Moreau
Isaac Hecker
John Bosco
Armand Jean le Bouthillier de Rancé

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