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Only mammal that cant jump
Amount of teeth in a mosquitoes
Inches in a mile
Percentage of left handers
Weight of human brain(lbs)
Speed a sneeze travels(mph)
Lefespan of a taste bud(days)
Amount of animal shapes in animal crackers zoo
Longest one syllable word
Amount of grooves on a quarter
Speed a raindrop falls(mph)
Feet a kangaroo can jump
Speed a turkey can run(mph)
Amount of calories burned while chewing gum in an hour
Calories burned in a one minute kiss
Calories burned while licking a stamp
Fastest recorded speed for a racehorse(mph)
Age of oldest animal known(tortoise)
Only insect that makes food for humans
Only bird that can fly backwards
Only continent without reptiles
Only bird that can swim and not fly
Amount of time seals sleep at one time(mins)
Amount of times a humminbirds heart beats a minute
Legs on a dragonfly
Only fruit with seeds on the outside
Only U.S. state that grows coffee
Only state with one school district
Only country with a national dog
Official dance of the state of Washington

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