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Can you name the English words based on their literal translations from Mandarin?

Quiz Updated Nov 5, 2015

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Literal TranslationMeaningOriginal Chinese
'cat-headed eagle'māotóuyīng (猫头鹰)
'electric brain'diànnǎo (电脑)
'bear-cat'xióngmāo (熊猫)
'directly-ascending flying machine'zhíshēngfēijī (直升飞机)
'dragon-shrimp'lóngxiā (龙虾)
'fire chicken'huǒjī (火鸡)
'Holy-birth Holiday'Shèngdànjié (圣诞节)
'electric speech'diànhuà (电话)
'ice-ball'bīngqiú (冰球)
Literal TranslationMeaningOriginal Chinese
'flying machine field'fēijīchǎng (飞机场)
'soil-bean'tǔdòu (土豆)
'Western red persimmon'xīhóngshì (西红柿)
'fearsome dragon'kǒnglóng (恐龙)
'little heart'xiǎoxīn (小心)
'Cat King'māowáng (猫王)
'dragon tongue orchid alcohol'lóngshélánjiǔ (龙舌兰酒)
'furry bean'máodòu (毛豆)
'say sing music'shuōchàng yīnyuè (说唱音乐)

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