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What is Katniss' sister's name?
When is katniss birthday?
Who takes her place?
What is prim's cat's name?
Who is katniss' best friend?
Who is the female chosen to be tribute for twelve?
Who is the last tribute killed in the arena?
Why does buttercup hate katniss?
How old is katniss in this book?
What is the hobb?
How old do you have to be to sign up for tesserae?
Where does the story take place
How does katniss' father die?
What is prim's goats name?
Who is the male tribute chosen for district 12?
What is gale's nickname for katniss?
Who is the evilest man of all?
How many times is gales name entered into the reaping ball?
How old is prim?

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