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The main character
The main character's rival
The Past-Emperor of Universe 7
The Revived Emperor's New Form
Bio-Mechanical Menace made by Dr. Gero
The Android has a movie named after it
The Android with a drinking problem
The Android between 13 and 15
Dude made himself into a robot
The android that killed its creator
The android that likes birds
Krillin f***** this android
Goku's best friend
The child of an android and Goku's friend
The 'Champion's' Daughter
He was a badass as a teen SSJ2
The past-teen SSJ2 and Videl's daughter
Super Smart Chick, Goku meets her first
Super Smart Chick and Rival's son
Future version of this ^^^^^^^
He has 3 EYES!!
Vegeta! Look! A pokemon... >;)
Goku's feisty wife
Goku and Goku's wife's second child
Fusion of Trunks and Goten
Fusion of Vegeta and Goku
Ptaura Fusion of Vegeta and Goku
He watches over the Kai's
The Kai that trains Goku
The Kai with Pikkon
The very peaceful kai
The last kai
The kai above the G Kai
The S Kai's Assistant
Ptaura Fusion of S Kai and his assistant
The Kai that comes out of the Z-Sword
The God of Destruction (Universe 7)
He is on par/stronger than the god of destruction
The G o D's Mentor
The Fat Bubblegum Monster
The Evil Wizard V1
The Evil Wizard V2
The Buu that absorbs people
The Buu of pure rage
The King of Demons
The Demon God
Dude does not like KAKAROT!!!!!!!!
Father of ^^^^
Father of Vegeta
Goku's Father
Defeated by Goku's Father
The Emperor's Father
The Emperor's Brother
was reborn into a many MANY metal bodies after getting thrown into the sun by SSJ Goku
The Pasty-White Bot
The main namekian dude
The shape-shifting pig
Real weak dude that died to Saibamen
Shapeshifting Cat
The Pervert Turtle Hermit
The Crane Hermit
The Assassin who later becomes a cyborg
The 'Champion' that 'beat Cell and Majin Buu'
The 'Champions' dog
Goku's dead grandfather
Goku's wife's father
Vegeta's long-lost companion, who got beaten by over 9000 goku
He is as strong as a Saibaman
A magical cloud
A talking cat nicknamed Whiskers the Wonder Cat
lives with Whiskers the Wonder Cat, The Bean Daddy
The Earth Guardian
The Earth Guardian's demonic assistant
The Thing from GT that took over Vegeta's body
The Strongest Shadow Dragon
Creator of the Big-Bang Kamehameha
The Forgetten person with split-personality
The God of Destruction (Universe 6)
The G o D's (U6) Mentor
The Galactic Space Patrolman
She knows literally everything
The Slim Saiyan of Universe 6
Winnie Pooh really let himself go(And learned how to body slam and shoot energy)
The GOOD? Emperor of Universe 6
The Dangerous, very Mysterious Dude (U6)
The GIANT Metal Man of Universe 6
The new Guardian of the Earth
The Earth Dragon
The Namek Dragon
The Namek Elder Dude
The Namek Elder's Assistant
One of Frieza's weak soldier/henchman
One of Frieza's main men
Frieza's pretty boy with a transformation
The telepathy dude (From the Ginyu Force)
The Australian Ginyu Force member
I'm the fastest in the universe!
Can switch bodies
Beat Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin but got one-shot by Goku
The Fusion of Android 17 and Imposter 17
Master Roshi's Alias
A Red Ribbon General with good looks and Paralysis powers

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