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Who in the band is bi-polar?
Whose daughter is named Bandit?
What song has the lyrics 'Like a bed of roses there's a dozen reasons in this gun'?
What album is Demolition Lovers off of?
What song was written as a joke when Frank Iero was high?
What song title is in French on the I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love album cover?
Whose birthday is on July 15th?
Who just left the band?
What band is Gerard Way's wife in?
What instrument does she play?
What song was used in the credits of House Of Wax?
Who was Helena written for?
Whose leg got burned on the making of the Famous Last Words music video?
What song was written by Gerard for Mikey when he thought about leaving the band?
What does Gerard think the plural of moose is?
What song does this lyric come from 'It's really quite pleasant except for the smell'?
What holiday was Frank born on?
What is the comic book that Gerard Way created called?
What's the first song off their new album Danger Days?
What was the cartoon that Gerard Way created?
Who came up with the band name?
What song did they do a cover of with the Used?
True or False: Gerard Way was popular in high school.
Where did Bob Bryar used to work before joining My Chemical Romance?
What's the hidden track on The Black Parade?
What song was in the Watchmen?
What are Frank Iero's twins names?
How many live albums do they have?
What mythical animal does Mikey Way love?
What is Gerard Way afraid of?
What is the name of Mikey's wife?
What is Bob Bryar afraid of?
What is Mikey Way afraid of?
What song is this lyric from 'Check into the Hotel Bella Muerte'
Who gets shot in the Ghost Of You music video?
Who is a vegetarian?
What is Gerard Way's middle name?
What song did they plan do to a music video for but ended up making the Ghost of You into a video?
What song was originally called Bring More Knives?
Who wears contacts?
True or False: Gerard smokes.
What is Gerards nickname?
What is Mikey's cat's name?
What is Frank scared of?
True or False: Bob is a cat person.
What was the bonus track on the album Danger Days?
What was the song that was released on the Japenese version of Danger Days?
What song has the lyrics 'Yeah, I drink juice when I'm killing cause it's f***in delicious'
What month is Gerard Ways birthday?
Who had their nose broken three times?
Who drew the cover of the second album
What's Mikey's favorite food?
What book series does Frank love to read?
What song is the lyrics 'I lost my fear of falling' in it?
What is Gerard Way's favorite lyric?
What is that tattoo on Frank's neck?
What is the eighth song on the third album?
What song is this lyric from 'The future is bulletproof, the aftermath is secondary'
What is Gerard Way's favorite book?
What music video did Mikey Way appear in?
What does the tattoo on Frank's knuckles say?
Which does Ray Toro like better: werewolves or vampires?
What is Bob Bryar's middle name?
What song does this lyric come from 'It isn't that much fun, staring down a loaded gun'
Last but not least, how many albums do they have?

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