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Only country to retain the death penalty in Europe
Most non-religious country in Latin America
Least developed country in Europe
Only Arab democracy
Most liberal drug laws in the world
Lowest fertility rate and highest median age in Latin America
90% of all private land is owned by an ethnic group making up just 8% of the population
Women live 11.6 years longer than men
Highest percent atheist in the world
Most developed and most democratic country in the world
Last country to abolish slavery (1981)
Advanced Economy country with a tropical climate
Lowest average age at first sex (15 years old)
Least sexually satisfied country
Dubbed a 'cult that posesses territory' by the International Cultic Studies association
Highest suicide rate in the world
$38,699 GDP per capita, 50.1 life expectancy
Least tourists per capita
Highest homicide rate outside of the Americas and Africa
Least corrupt, most developed, most peaceful, most free-market and most democratic country in mainland sub-Saharan Africa

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