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The composer of the movie soundtrack years 1-3?
The composer of the movie soundtrack in year 4?
The composer of the movie soundtrack in years 5 and 6?
The composer of the movie soundtrack in year 7?
Who wrote and performed 'Do the Hippogriff' in The Goblet of Fire?
What vault number was the Philosopher's Stone in?
What vault number belongs to Harry Potter (The Potters)
What is the name of the place where Bill and Fleur live?
What is the name of the prison that Gellert Grindelwald built?
What is marked on the entrance to this prison?
What is the village near the Burrow called?
How many floors does the Burrow have?
What date did Lily and James Potter die?
Who wrote The Tale of the Three Brothers?
Name one of the three brothers in the tale.
Who invented the Golden Snitch?
In which village is the Riddle House?
What is Gilderoy Lockharts first book called?
What is Gilderoy Lockharts second book called?
What does the school motto translate into?
What year was the Philosopher's Stone released in?
Which Harry Potter word is now in the Oxford English Dictionary?
Who was bitten my Fenrir Greyback in the Deathly Hallows Part 2?
What Grade did Harry get in his Charms O.W.L?
What grade did Ron get in his History of Magic O.W.L?
Whay grade did Hermione get in her Arithmancy O.W.L?
In book 1, where did Draco tell Harry and Ron to meet him for a midnight duel?
In book 4, who gave Harry the Gillyweed?
Which horcrux was destroyed by Hermione?
Which horcrux was destroyed by Ron?
Which horcrux was destroyed by Neville?
Which horcrux was destroyed by Dumbledore?
In film 2, who was petrified through a camera?
What kind of spell did Cedric use against his dragon in the Triwizard Tournament?
What does S.P.E.W stand for?
Who is the Hufflepuff ghost?
In book 7, where did the trio apparate to after the warning from Kingsley?
What was the inscription on the Snitch Dumbledore gave to Harry?
What is the name of the potion also known as Liquid Luck?
What does Ron get from Dumbledore's will?
What is the spell for duplicating an object?
What form does Ginny's patronus take?
What form does Kingsley's patronus take?
Who killed Helena Ravenclaw/The Grey Lady?
Name an unregistered animagus?
Who was teasing Moaning Myrtle before she died?
How many staircases are there at Hogwarts?
What did Ron leave behind in his apparition test?
What type of wood is Draco's wand?
What is the core of Lucius Malfoy's wand?

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