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ChapterChapter NameHint
Chapter 1'Toxic Torts & Beyond!'
Chapter 2Types of causes of action
Chapter 3Evolution of tort law
Chapter 4Harms alleged by plaintiffs
Chapter 5Link between disease and breach of duty
Chapter 6Sophisticated user, e.g.
Chapter 7Statute of limitations, e.g.
Chapter 8These guys pay most of the bills
Chapter 9What happens when a defendant runs our of money?
Chapter 10Superfund, e.g.
Chapter 11He brings the case
Chapter 12The case is brought against it
Chapter 13One stage of litigation
Chapter 14Complicated...
Chapter 15Adjudication before a judge and/or jury
Chapter 16Resolution by agreement
Chapter 17Resolution by agreement, facilitated by third-party
Chapter 18Philip Morris, e.g.
Chapter 19Ingredient in paint
Chapter 20Lined with dust, but keeps your hands clean
Chapter 21Weight loss pill
ChapterChapter NameHint
Chapter 22Cell phone towers, e.g.
Chapter 23Chemical element Be, atomic number 4
Chapter 24Characterized by 'vague diagnosis'
Chapter 25Leaks into groundwater
Chapter 26What happens in the dank...
Chapter 27Used in pressure-treated wood
Chapter 28Shoot!
Chapter 29Opposite of playing for peanuts
Chapter 30This type of agent can kill you!
Chapter 31Particulate linked to nonmalignant disease, lots of fraud in diagnoses
Chapter 32Linked to manganism
Chapter 33Most famous, expensive toxic tort of all
Chapter 34Drugs
Chapter 35Aromatic gas linked to cancer
Chapter 36Tiny carbon tubes
Chapter 37Leading case on qualifying an expert to testify
Chapter 38These Toxic Torts are just getting started!
Chapter 39Found in lots of plastics
Chapter 40Used in lots of homes, emits gas that corrodes metal
Chapter 41Global warming, e.g.
Chapter 42Theory of liability that seeks to hold owners of property liable

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