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Costa Rican island where the park was
Occupation of the guy who gets eaten by the T-Rex
Owner/Creator of Jurassic Park
Expert Paleontologist
Expert Paleobotanist
Director of the film
Author of the book
Veteran who appears in The Lost World
Dinosaur that kills Dennis Nedry
Sick Dinosaur
Name of the genetic engineering company
Samuel L. Jackson's character
Animal used to fill in the DNA gaps
Island in The Lost World
Dinosaur that means 'bird of prey'
Supposed sex of all the dinosaurs
Insect found in fossilized amber with the dinosaur DNA
T-Rex makes an appearance in this Californian City in The Lost World
The granddaughter
Little boy that gets stuck in the tree
The Jurassic era is the middle of this major geological era
Year released
Famous American businessman that John Hammond was modeled after

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