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What type of Mosca did Varia owned?
How many Weaponry did Gola mosca Armed with?
Who was stored in Gola Mosca?
What do you need to prevent Mosca from detect your ring?
Who was Millefiore Mechanic that improve Gola mosca?
What type of Mosca did Tsuna face in Episode 107?
What was the name of Power-up Strau Mosca?
How many Strau Mosca needed to form King Mosca?
What type of Mosca did Spanner create to help him with his day-to-day activities?
What type of Mosca did Tsuna fight against in the Virtual space training?
What type of mosca did spanner create to help 10th Vongola fight against Byakuran?
How deep was Strau Mosca Layers of Nano-skin?
What ring did Gola mosca hold in Varia Battle?
What does Gola mosca needed to activate 'Compressed Particle Beam'?
Who Destroyed Gola Mosca in Varia Battle?
What flavour was Spanner Favorite candies?
What does Gola Mosca mean in Italian?

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