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Can you name a castaway who voted for these Survivors?

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SurvivorWho voted for them
Brianna Varela
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Terry Deitz
Jessie Camacho
Michelle Yi
GC Brown
Natalie White
Jeff Kent
Rob Mariano
Cecilia Mansilla
Brady Finta
Denise Stapley
Julie McGee
Shawn Cohen
Joel Anderson
Todd Herzog
Penny Ramsey
Rick Nelson
Chet Welch
Deena Bennett
Wes Nale
Colton Cumbie
Ken Stafford
Sherri Biethman
Katie Hanson
SurvivorWho voted for them
Dirk Been
Danni Boatwright
Rocky Reid
Colby Donaldson
Frank Garrison
Ashley Underwood
Brooke Struck
Kel Gleason
Ryan Aiken
Cirie Fields
Vytas Baskauskas
Jim Rice
Zoe Zanidakis
Marty Piombo
Monica Culpepper
Brendan Synnott
Tyler Fredrickson
Colleen Haskell
Coby Archa
Randy Bailey
Shambo Waters
Joe del Campo
Jerri Manthey
Bob Crowley
Rupert Boneham

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