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Jury SpeechSurvivor
Your inability to admit your failures without going into a whiny speech makes you a bit of a loser in life
It's not just what you stand for, it's what you fall for too
You sold me your friendship, understanding of cultural diversity, and your word. All to find out that each one of those qualities were lemons
As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another
I feel like you making it to the final three on one foot is the most incredible thing you've ever done. So proud of you. Love you
There's three kinds of people- people that make things happen, people that watch things happen, and people that wonder 'what the hell just happened?'
Maybe the person who thinks she's least deserving is probably the most
I think you three have been painfully boring through tribal councils, and I want you to get to the point
Explain to me and the jury how being so pathetic was your plan to win you a million dollars
I started out this game with the strategy of being a brutal jerk, and was going to try and come around. But the second half of my game never got into play because I was blindsided
Why do you hate people?
I don't want to give a million dollars to a boy, I want to give a million dollars to a man
You can go back to the New York City gutters and crawl back into the back hole you came from
I want to know if you ever went rollerblading or ice skating before
I'm not going to talk about lies and deception, because I was there too. We all were there
I don't have any questions for you because frankly I'm sick of hearing your voice. So I'm going to speak and you're not going to comment
What modern, influential leader have you emulated during this game?
You kept men in your back pocket. And you did it without even having breasts
So I can take that compliment and believe you. Because you told me I'm a chauvanistic, cruder guy than you hang out with at the Church of Mormon
You looked at me in the eyes and said 'do you see that jury seat over there? That's yours.' And you did it out of malice
If you get the money, will you agree to get your vocal cords removed?
I'll go ahead and admit to everyone that I did eat a little extra peanut butter
You are in bull up to your ears!
Jury SpeechSurvivor
You looked right at me and said I swear on my father's grave. I've lost two siblings, and those two losses have put two holes in my heart that can never be repaired
There was a lot of talk about deserving, which is interestng because had it not been for a very unfortunate accident, then neither of you two would be sitting here
What is the most historic way to manipulate people? Religion. And that was successfully utilised
I think if I was you, I'd go to the doctor tomorrow and get that eye fixed so you stop doing the wink
You may have outwitted us, outplayed us, and outlasted us, but you have not outclassed us
I'd just like to let everybody here know how dumb I feel after the mistake I made yesterday
We willingly bit into dead fish. But if you bite into the dead fish, he will poison you from within
I'm curious if you feel that all of our intimate cuddling and spooning all night long might have been a little more enjoyable than you would like to admit
This experience was transformative. I came in under this dictatorship of fear and anxiety, and I'm going to leave it ready for a revolution
Forgot my guns. They've been dropped in the sea of forgiveness
It was a thrill for me to watch your metamorphosis from neurotic nerd to geek warrior
Survivor is a game of big moves. But I want to hear what was your subtle move that got you to the place where you are at
There's going to be a dumber than a bag of hammers award
You're a flirt. You flirted with me on several occasions- not complaining
People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
In a word, would you agree that your overall gameplay could be called... feckless?
That's between him... him and... God
You've let me down. I was wanting a whole chicken on that head
My question is for Jeff- can I vote none of the above?
On day three, I gave you my jacket, and then I was blindsided. And every night you wore my jacket to tribal council. And all I could think was- hot damn that is badass
Did he do it because that was an animal instinct or to get the taste of mush out of his mouth?
Can I see your water shoes?

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