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Can you fill in the blanks of these Survivor quotes?

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I need somebody who can ___ on my handJohn Carroll
This is my ____ ______ to you, since you tried to vote me out, I thought I should return the favourParvati Shallow
I don't even know what ___ meansRudy Boesch
Wes is a good kid. He hasn't been to ____ yetKeith Nale
Did you hear me say ____________?Coach Wade
Someone call a __________ Terry's crying on the course!Aras Baskauskas
That thing is definitely, by far, on the _____Judd Sergeant
_________ are the first people to dieOzzy Lusth
The lady, I think, actually liked her. In a ______ waySandra Diaz-Twine
Robb you were not in the ______ ____ when you grabbed Clay around the throatJeff Probst
I ate 58 _______ ______ in five minutes in an eating contestWes Nale
Really? Bad boy because you play poker? Do you have a ______ I don't know about?Courtney Yates
I'm gonna make sure those freakin ____ ___________are not gonna win the million dollars. Not gonna happenChristy Smith
See you back at the ____!!Taj Johnson-George
I'm a ____ collectorAlec Christy
We could build a pretty decent shelter just using _____Debb Eaton
Coming back to camp after tribal was so fake. Faker than faux ___NaOnka Mixon
I'll show you how ___________ I amStephenie LaGrossa
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You are so misguided and so ____Sarita White
Did your momma never ___ you?Linda Spencer
I'm going to use my _______ _____ to win the hell out of this gameCrystal Cox
Sarah's arrival was almost like _________ Sean Rector
You ______ and you liedRob Mariano
I'm gonna keep one eye on Holly and one eye on my _____Tyrone Davis
When your true colours come out they're no part of any _______ I've ever seenAmi Cusack
You're the most masterful person in the history of Survivor to play the flirt card. How does that resonate for you in the _______?Natalie Bolton
You're a grown man. Consider a ____ changeLisi Linares
We're not going back to ________! Tribal council! Angie Jakusz
Sarah has a very cute ____. She paid a lot for itVecepia Towery
You get to ____ your own ____ and that sounds amazingKelly Shinn
Natalie is there any way I could have your ______? Natalie?Angelina Keeley
You guys have like ____. We have sand everywhereBradley Kleihege
This is my ______! You can't beat meTroyzan Robertson
I can't wait to break up this 'coconuts' alliance which is making us all _______Chrissy Hofbeck
Out of the corner of my eye I saw Joe almost _____ on an idol clueTyler Fredrickson
Nobody's clamoring for anything _____ flavouredJohn Cochran

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