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Linda's so concrete she's burried in the bottom of the Oroville damFrank Garrison
I hope your time here has helped your future acting careerEdna Ma
My grandmother's sitting at home watching Maury Povich right nowJon Dalton
Neleh and Paschal, I think, are really opposing my success in this gameJohn Carroll
They all can probably get her photograph after the showGary Hogeboom
You are the epitome of the classy used car salesmanHelen Glover
Uh oh. Shane's going on his thinking rock with his iphone againCirie Fields
Who the hell voted for Trish?!Rupert Boneham
Well that feels like yellow JeffPaschal English
Thanks guys. I hope you guys all get bit by a freakin snakeJudd Sergeant
I have never broken the honour of a pinky swearFrank Garrison
Why don't we just call Probst up right now on the Probst phone?Rocky Reid
I will never wave my finger in your faceAlicia Calaway
Shii Ann is trying to make an alliance with a frogTom Buchanan
So much for my hopesRupert Boneham
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Why does he need the knife so sharp? I think he's going to kill usRob Cesternino
You may be the bronze boy but I'm platinumBrian Corridan
What about the episode of Two and a Half Men that you were naked cooking waffles?Wes Nale
I'm good at Scrabble!Peih-Gee Law
I'm supposed to talk giraffe to youTony Vlachos
And its not even a million bucks, it's 600 grande by the time Bush takes itJeff Kent
I may be a lot of things, but I ain't no candy barColby Donaldson
If I am voted out first a second time I will eat this stickFrancesca Hogi
Boston Rob is literally carrying his family on his shoulders!Jeff Probst
Last time I was mean, this time I'm nicerSandra Diaz-Twine
They told me today there's a such thing as plantain etiquetteJames Clement
There's going to be a dumber than a bag of screwdrivers awardMarty Piombo
We can't get a female alliance together because Stephenie sucksKatie Gallagher
That was nonsense. That was tactless Rory Freeman
I'm pretty good with cookie jarsTaylor Stocker

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