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Forced Order
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Spellcard nameAnswerCharacter
'Suwa War - Native ____ vs Central Myth'Suwako Moriya
Flowery Sign 'Colorful Light Lotus ______ Palm'Hong Meiling
Leaf Sign 'Falling Leaves of _______'Shizuha Aki
Esoterica '____ Thaumaturgy'Sanae Kochiya
Love Sign '______ Spark'Marisa Kirisame
______ Performance 'Guarneri del Gesù'Lunasa Primsriver
Spread Sign 'Moon of Truth (Invisible ____ Moon)'Reisen Udongein Inaba
God Sign 'Omiwatari God _______'Kanako Yasaka
Hidden Bug '______ of an Endless NightWriggle Nightbug
Miasma Sign 'Filled ______'Yamame Kurodani
Explosion Sign '____ Flare'Utsuho 'Okuu' Reiuji
Four Devas Arcanum 'Knock Out In _____ Steps'Yuugi Hoshiguma
Oni ___ 'Rumbling Jikoku-ten'Chen
Horror 'Well-bucket-dropping _______'Kisume
Recollection 'Terrible ________'Satori Komeiji
______ Giant 'Woo'Mokou no Fujiwara
Cloud _____ 'The Thunder Court in the Sea of Abstruse Clouds'Iku Nagae
Noisy Sign '____ Poltergeist'Prismriver Sisters
______ Sign 'Irresolute, Bound Spirit'Komachi Onozuka
Curse of the Heavens '______ 13'Eirin Yagokoro
_____________ 'Returning-Bridge Ichijo'Keine Kamishirasawa
Qi of ___ 'Deep Fog Labyrinth'Suika Ibuki
Void 'Inflation ______'Sakuya Izayoi
Grandfather Cherry Blossom 'Shiro's _____'Parsee Mizuhashi
Spellcard nameAnswerCharacter
______ Sign 'Poison Breath'Medicine Melancholy
Cursed ______ 'Zombie Fairy'Rin 'Orin' Kaenbyou
'Philosophy of a Hated ______'Koishi Komeiji
__________ 'Sword of Worry and Joy'Tenshi Hinanai
'_______ Heaven'Reimu Hakurei
Shikigami '___ Yakumo'Yukari Yakumo
Freeze Sign '_______ Freeze'Cirno
Trumpet Ghost 'Hino ________'Merlin Prismriver
Drown '______ in the Glimmering Depths'Nitori Kawashiro
New Impossible _______ 'Seamless Ceiling of Kinkaku-ji'Kaguya Houraisan
Secret Barrage 'And Then Will There Be ____?'Flandre Scarlet
_________ 'Guilty or Not Guilty'Shieiki Yamaxanadu
Bumper Crop '_______ of the Wheat God'Minoriko Aki
Night-Blindness '____ of the Night Sparrow'Mystia Lorelei
Flawed Sign 'Broken ______'Hina Kagiyama
Dark ____ 'Fazioli Dark Performance'Lyrica Prismriver
Five Elements 'Philosopher's _____'Patchouli Knowledge
Runaway ______ 'Fluster Escape'Tewi Inaba
Cold Sign '____ Snap'Letty Whiterock
Scarlet Sign '___ the Nightless Castle'Remilia Scarlet
'Resurrection _________'Yuyuko Saigyouji
'The Phantom of the _____ Guignol'Alice Margatroid
'Illusionary _________'Aya Shameimaru
Night Sign 'Night ____'Rumia

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