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Bad Boy, got jimmy shot.
Cutter, journalist
Misunderstood Bad Boy
Heather Sinclair's little sister
New Boy in School, Rich
New girl in school, told people she was dating Riley
Lives on his own, has sister named Angel
known as the 'smart one'
bad boy gone good
Kissed Peter, Confused, took steroids
in studz, Lakehurst, had first kiss with Mia
used to be holly j.'s shadow then told her off
Degrassi's Next Top Model
classified as Boyfriend Stealer in her old school
Freshman Party Boy
Satisfied many flowers according to the grapevine
Drummer, helped Jay with prank
first girl on football team, got beat up because of it
video tape went out, known as 'school ****'
was anorexic
Bisexual, dropped out of college
Gay, hooked up with Ellie
Lied to danny, went to dance school
panther's quarterback
Bullied jane, used to be best friends with Danny
Went to Kenya
Got Shot, went to get stem-cell research
Guitarist, got busted with weed
Unofficial Video Blogger
Senor, football player, friends with Johnny
Gave baby up for adoption, got drunk at a party in college
J.T's best friend, used to be friends with Rick. Smartest kid in the school
Lesbian, was an Exotic Dancer to pay rent
Engaged to Craig
Diagnosed with Bipolar disorder
Cheated on Emma with Liberty
has AIDs
Pretended to be Jamacian to hide her muslim heritage
put on suicide watch after he OD'd on pills
Cheated on Ellie with Caitlin
Stood up to his father for abusing Jane
Moved home to his parent house in Wasaga Beach

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