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Game of Thrones
Who duels Bronn at the Eyrie (Tyrion's trial by combat) 
Who does Robb leave to command the troops left with Lord Frey? 
When Jorah describes various types of grass to Daenerys, what type of grass, found in the Shadow Lands near Asshai, does he describe? 
What food does Tyrion eat with the Lord Commander and other officers of the Night's Watch? 
What weapon does Ned jokingly suggest he'd find under Arya's pillow if he took away Needle? 
What is Hodor's real name (the name which he was given at birth)? 
Clash of Kings
What does Renly eat which annoys Stannis when they parley? 
What alias does Asha go by when she greets Theon? 
Who was captain of the Lannister household guard in King's Landing? 
Who was the character in the story 'The Prince who Thought he was a Dragon' 
Storm of Swords
What favourite food of Sansa's does the Queen of Thorns provide for her? 
What does the Hound claim to be bringing in to the Twins to sneak Arya in (during the red Wedding)? 
Who kills Catelyn Stark during the Red Wedding? 
Who is the slave trader form whom Daenerys buys her Unsullied (full name only)? 
Who is the one-eyed member of the Brotherhood without Banners (who pretends to be Beric)? 

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