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The oldest brother's full name
The younger brother's full name
The mother's full name
The father's full name
The grandfather's name
The grandmother's name
Youngest Winchster brother
Manager of the roadhouse
The managers daughter
Sams girlfriend who died on the ceiling
Computer genius who lives at the roadhouse
A hunter who wants to kill one of the Winchester brothers
A demon with yellow eyes
A demon child with white eyes
A demon who claims is on the Winchester's side
A demon who tortured the oldest Winchester brother in hell
An angel who pulled the oldest Winchester brother from hell
An angel who fell from grace
An angel who does not like the Winchesters
An angel who fell from grace and rules hell
An angel who wants Dean to be his vessel
Sam and Deans trusted long time friend
Dean's long term girlfriend in season 6
The boy whom Dean thought might be his son
King of the crossroads
A person who deals with supernatural paraphernalia
A angel who is killed by Dean
The person who write the supernatural books
A female demon who posses some of the Winchesters
A angel who likes to play tricks on people
The FBI Agent that searches a long time for the Winchesters (Full name)
An ex-hunter who is retired from active hunting until the apocalypse arrives
The Winchesters cousin (season 6)
The Winchesters blind psychic friend

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