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Main Character(s)ShowExtra
The SnorchAnimation
Angelica, SusieAnimation
Daggett Doofus Beaver, Norbert Foster BeaverAnimation
Ginger FoutleyAnimation
Valerina, SquishAnimation
B-Bop A-LunaAnimation
Cat, DogAnimation
Mr. Blik, Gordon Quid, WaffleAnimation
Rudy, Snap, PennyAnimation
Danny, SamAnimation
El Tigre (Manny),Animation
Arnold, Helga, OskarAnimation
Zim, GIRAnimation
Jenny, BradAnimation
Pelswick EggertAnimation
Ren, StimpyAnimation
Ricky Sprocket Animation
Oswald 'Otto' Rocket, Regina 'Reggie' RocketAnimation
Eliza ThornberryAnimation
Truman XAnimation
Jason Harris (hosted) Marc Summers (hosted)Game show
Summer Sanders (hosted)Game show
Wesley Eure (hosted)Game Show
Mike O'Malley (hosted)Game Show
Mike O'Malley (hosted)Game Show
Kirk Fogg (hosted)Game show
Lew Schneider (hosted)Game show
Ben Lyons (hosted)Game show
Phil Moore (hosted)Game show
Dave Aizer (hosted)Game show
Emma Wilson (hosted)Game/Reality Show
Michael Carrington (hosted)Game Show
Marc Summers (hosted)Game Show
Omar Gooding (hosted)Game Show
Vivianne Collins hosted)Game Show
Eddie McDowdShow
Ray GarcĂ­aShow
Clarissa DarlingShow
Skeeter, Bobby WalkerShow
Dylan Blackwell Show
Mr.. Benjamin ErnstShow
Alexa D'AmicoShow
Jordan James LewisShow
Kenan RockmoreShow
Alfred 'Alfie' ParkerShow
Nat Wolff, Alex WolffShow
Ned Bigby, Jennifer 'Moze' Mosely, Simon 'Cookie' Nelson CookShow
Romeo 'Ro' MillerShow
Kevin 'Ug' LeeShow
Alexandra 'Alex' MackShow
Theresa James 'T.J.' DavenportShow
Taina Maria MoralesShow
Addie SingerShow
Alex Moore Show
Zoey Brooks, Chase MatthewsShow
Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie, TobiasShow
The Midnight Society (Group of Main characters) Show
Caitlin SeegerShow
Allen StrangeShow
Shelby WooShow
No Main Character different storiesShow
AllegraChildren's television series
Blue, Steve, JoeChildren's television series
Blue, Joe, SprinklesChildren's television series
Dan HendersonChildren's television series
Lowly Worm, John Cat, Huckle CatChildren's television series
EureekaChildren's television series
Franklin TurtleChildren's television series
Main Character(s)ShowExtra
Little BearChildren's television series
Vanessa, JamesChildren's television series
Little Bill GloverChildren's television series
Sportacus, Stephanie, Robbie Rotten Children's television series
Maisy MouseChildren's television series
OswaldChildren's television series
Tubb, TerenceChildren's television series
Wubbzy, WidgetChildren's television series
The Cat in the HatChildren's television series
No main charactersReality
Various CelebsReality
Angelique Bates,Chelsea Brummet, Amanda Bynes,Nick CannonShow
Amanda BynesShow
various dancersDance show
Will FreddieShow
Chris MakepeaceShow
Apprentice WizardShow
Paul Provenza (hosted)Show
Jim MairsShow
Fred Newman Show
Mr. WizardShow
Kermit The Frog, Ms. PiggyShow
Bingo O'Malley (hosted)Show
Nick CannonShow
No Main Characters (If this helps any: NASA.)Show
Joe From ChicagoShow
Sal and SmittyShow
Alfred Carr, Jr.Show
Matthew LillardShow
Leonard NimoyShow
Thurman T. TurkeyShow
Ali Rivera, Sertrone Starks (Hosted)Show
Marc Weiner,Show
Jonesy Garcia, Caitlin CookeShow (Originally on Nick now on Cartoon Network)
Ace VenturaShow
Morris ButtermakerShow
The Brady FamilyShow
Carol Burnett, Harvey KormanShow
Danny, DJ, Stephanie, Michelle TannerAWESOME SHOW (Sorry I just love this show)
Little PrinceShow
Dennis the MenaceShow
Lancelot Link, Mata HairiShow
Alvin, Simon, Theodore, David SevilleShow
Angela Anaconda Show
Yakko, Wakko, and DoShow
Alvin, Simon, Theodore, David SevilleShow
Lee ClarkShow
Sabrina SpellmanShow
Batfink, KarateShow
Kevin ArnoldShow
Sebastian and BelleShow
Beetlejuice, Lydia Deetz Show
Count DuckulaShow
Curious GeorgeShow
Emma Gilbert, Cleo SertoriShow
Danger MouseShow
Thomas 'Tom' Porter, ChristaShow
Edgar & EllenShow
Brenda Gaines Show
Kelvin CrumpShow
Various Fairy TalesShow
Group called Tomorrows PeopleShow
Heathcliff the catShow
Inspector GadgetShow
Iron ManShow
Main Character(s)ShowExtra
Dr. Edward G. AtkinsShow
Looney TunesShow
Bob the BuilderShow
Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Scooter, Skeeter, Rowlf the Dog, and GonzoShow
Frank Cappelli (hosted)Show
Doctor SnugglesShow
Patty Rabbit, Bobby BearShow
Sharon, Lois & BramShow
Martin MysteryShow
Maya the BeeShow
Agent K Agent JShow
Kipper the DogShow
Blinky, Pinky, and Sandy Show
Miss SpiderShow
Papa BeaverShow
Pinky and the BrainShow
Rupert BearShow
Rocky and BullwinkleShow
Eizan KaburagiShow
Stacy JonesShow
Speed RacerShow
Joseph Campanella (narrated)Show
Booma, KimoShow
Buster Bunny, Babs BunnyShow
Alex, Sam, CloverShow
Christine McGlade (Moose) (hosted)Show
Wolverine, X-MenShow
David the GnomeShow
Yakkity YakShow
Yogi BearShow (re runs shown)
Charlie Brownshow
Dr. David 'Mitch' Mitchellshow
SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward,PatrickCurrent Show
Timmy, Wanda, CosmoCurrent Show
Otis, Pip, AbbyCurrent Show
BessieCurrent Show
Skipper, Kowalski, Private, RicoCurrent Show
Fanboy and Chum ChumCurrent Show
Sheen EstevezCurrent Show
Dudley PuppyCurrent Show
Carly, Sam, FreddieCurrent Show
True JacksonCurrent Show
Jake Collins, Hayley Steele, Felix GarciaCurrent Show
James, Carlos, Logan, KendallCurrent Show
Tori VegaCurrent Show
Patricia Williamson, Joy, Nina MartinShow
Red, Blue, Pink, Green, GoldCurrent Show
Mike Fukunaga, Owen Reynolds, Amanda McKayCurrent Show
Jeff Sutphen (hosted)Current Show
Dora, Boots the Monkey, Swiper the FoxCurrent Show and Children's television series
Max and RubyCurrent Show and Children's television series
Uniqua, Pablo, TyroneCurrent Show and Children's television series
Kai-LanCurrent Show and Children's television series
Lenny, Tuck and Ming-MingCurrent Show and Children's television series
Thomas 'Twist' Jobson Current Show and Children's television series
Millus Ruth 'Milli' UmiCurrent Show and Children's television series
Gil, MollyCurrent Show and Children's television series
Kids Who vote and results, PresidentsCurrent Campaign
Linda EllerbeeNews/Talk ShowThe Big Help
Various CelebsCurrent Campaign
Various CelebsCurrent Campaign
Jimmy, Carl, SheenRe-Run
Tommy, Angelica, Dil, Chuckie, Susie, Phil and LilRe-Run
Drake & Josh & Meagan Re-Run
Tommy, Angelica, Dil, Chuckie, Susie, Phil and LilRe-Run

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