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Can you name the countries where Mw 8.0+ earthquakes have been recorded according to the USGS? (Strongest event listed)

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Moment Magnitude and LocationCountryExtra info
Mw 9.2 (Prince William Sound, Alaska)27 March 1964
Mw 8.2 (off Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia)22 August 1949
Mw 8.2 (off the coast of Chiapas)7 September 2017
Mw 8.0 (Amazonas)31 July 1970
Mw 8.8 (off the coast of Esmeraldas)31 January 1906
Mw 8.4 (off the coast of Arequipa)23 June 2001
Mw 8.2 (La Paz)9 June 1994
Mw 9.5 (Bio-Bio)22 May 1960
Mw 8.0 (offshore, nearest land: Santa Maria Island, Azores)25 November 1941
Mw 8.1 (off the Makran coast of Balochistan)27 November 1945
Mw 8.6 (Arunachal Pradesh)15 August 1950 (largest strike-slip earthquake, tied*)
Mw 8.0 (Province No. 2)15 January 1934
Mw 8.3 (Khövsgöl and Zavkhan)9 July 1905 and 23 July 1905, respectively
Mw 8.3 (Ningxia Hui)16 December 1920
Moment Magnitude and LocationCountryExtra info
Mw 9.0 (off the coast of Kamchatka)4 November 1952
Mw 9.1 (off the coast of Miyagi, Honshu)11 March 2011
Mw 8.2 (off the coast of Hualien)5 June 1920
Mw 8.0 (Sagaing)12 September 1946
Mw 9.1 (nearest coast to epicenter: Simeulue Island, Aceh)26 December 2004
Mw 8.3 (off the coast of Soccsksargen, Mindanao)15 August 1918
Mw 8.1 (off the southern coast of New Ireland)26 July 1971
Mw 8.1 (off the coast of Parara, Western Province)1 April 2007
Mw 8.1 (nearest coast to epicenter: Tanna, Tafea)20 September 1920
Mw 8.1 (nearest coast to epicenter: Tuamasaga, Upolu)29 September 2009
Mw 8.1 (nearest coast to epicenter: Vava'u)30 April 1919
Mw 8.2 (nearest coast to epicenter: Raoul Island, Northland)1 May 1917
Mw 8.2 (nearest coast to epicenter: Macquarie Island, Tasmania)23 May 1989
Mw 8.0 (nearest coast to epicenter: Marion Island) 10 November 1942

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