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North America2 states and 14 parishes
Oceania4 states
Europe9 länder, 'states'
Europe/Asia83 federal units: 46 oblasts, 21 republics, 9 krais, 4 autonomous okrugs, 2 federal-level cities, 1 autonomous oblast
Europe26 cantons
Africa10 states
North America13 federal units: 10 provinces and 3 territories
Asia18 provinces
Europe16 länder, 'states'
Asia14 zones
Africa17 states
Africa11 federal units: 9 regions, 2 chartered cities
Asia35 federal units: 28 states, 7 union territories
Asia16 federal units: 13 states, 3 federal territories
North America52 federal units: 50 states, 1 federal district and 1 incorporated unorganized territory
South America24 federal units: 23 provinces, 1 autonomous city
Africa3 islands
Oceania8 federal units: 6 states, 2 territories
South America27 federal units: 26 states, 1 federal district
Asia8 federal units: 4 provinces, 3 federal territories, 1 federal capital territory
Africa37 federal units: 36 states, 1 territory
Europe2 entities
Europe3 communities and regions
South America25 federal units: 23 states, 1 federal district and 1 federal dependency
Asia7 emirates
Africa18 states
North America32 federal units, 31 states, 1 federal district

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