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Kings Island quiz2010
Kings Island Opened on
When Kings Island Open, It was owned by
True or false There are no more cages standing from the Wild Animal Safari
•The oldest attraction to have ever operated at Paramount`s Kings Island was the
The beast was Originally built on a.....
Before Paramount, Season Passes Used To Be ______
Diamondback is a _______Coaster
King Cobra Came Out in
Flight of fears 1st trains are located were
How many Resturants are At Kings Island Including Boomerang Bay
Kings Island quiz2010
DeliriumSwings riders up to
The Bat was the worlds First
There used to be an arcade in the _____Diner
•Paramount`s Kings Island`s parking lot contains approximately________Parking Spaces
Son of beast is the worlds
True or false-Theres a Storage unit in the Beasts Woods
King Cobra's Cars are located were
The Screamin Demon was The First
Kings island has ______coasters
Kings Island Fastest Attraction Is_____(Hint..Its not a coaster)

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