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Supernatural Came out In____
How many seasons
Who plays Sam
Who Plays Dean
Who Plays Castiel
Who Plays Bobby
Who has down more episodes...Castiel or Bobby
The Yellow Eyed Demon's Real Name
Why does john,sam,and Dean want to kill Yellow eyes
In 'The Monster is at the end of the book', when did chuck finally relized dean and sam were real
What kind of Creature is Ureil
What does Dean Drive
Its kansas License Plate
In Season two, They got a new Plate from which state
Creater of The colt
The gun is the key to open what
On the barrel of the gun is inscribed the Latin phrase 'non timebo mala', meaning
Supernatural original Network
Supernatural new network
Who broke the first seal
Which actor said this 'With that character there was always a bit more comedy, and a bit more recklessness, and it just appealed to me more.'
Who Dies the most in the show
What is season 1 about
What is season 2 about
What is season 3 about
What is season 4 about
What is season 5 about
What is season 6 about
How does John die
What is Ellen and Jo's last name
Who is Gordon Walker
How do you kill a vampire
How do you kill a Ghost/Spirit
How do you kill a Shapeshifter
What does gordon become in fresh blood
Who kills Gordon
Who plays Zachariah
Who kills Zachariah
How do you kill a Demon
Victor Henricksen Occupation
Who Kills Henrickson
In What Episode
Meg Masters was born in which state
Who is Jessica lee Moore
Who kills her
Who is Adam Milligan
He Becomes who's Vessel
Who plays Leshii in 'Fallen Idols'
Mark Pellegrino plays as
The 100th episode is
Which season had 16 episodes
How many episodes are there per season(Except the third)
How Do You Kill a Zombie
The Monster In 'Sam Interrupted'
Who kills Lilith
Who Kills Ruby
How Do you kill a Rugaru
The Monster In 'Sex and Violence'
Who Kills Adam Milligan
Who is Bela
What does she steal from the boys (Weapon)
She said she sold it to lilith, but who did she really sold it to
How does Bela Die
Who plays Bela
What makes Hell Hounds So Powerful
The Finale Recapps use what song
By which band
Who is Samuel Cambell
Who is Deanna Cambell
Reason why the third season was cut short
When 'No rest for the wicked' starts, how much longer does dean have
Why does dean go to hell
Most of the filming takes place where
Why did sam kill madison
Place of filming for Asylum
Who said This 'Everything that people know classically about vampires is wrong'
Which of the angels are actually in the bible,besides lucifer
What is Deans Necklace
Deans Birthday
Sams Birthday
Why does Sam were a cast after 'Children shouldnt play with dead things'
The Bullets For the Colt appear to be made of
How many bullets did samuel colt use
Name of the demon girl in Sin City
How many Original bullets for the Colt are there
Who is Daniel Elkins
Name The Ghostfacers (5)

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