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QUIZ: Can you name the things represented by the alphabet from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn?

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AFort seiged by Ludveg in the Part II Endgame
BTreaty signed by Pelleas forcing him to obey the Begnion Senate
CClass of characters such as Ranulf, Lethe, and Lyre
DAshera's Forces
EIke's inital sword in Part III
FAnother name for Lehran's Medallion
GDesert in Begnion, home of the hermit Stefan
HDerogatory Laguz term for Beorc
ISummoner who helped Pelleas gain the Daein Throne
JGeneral of the Begnion Occupation Army, main villain of Part I
KVolcanic Caves separating Gallia, Goldoa, and Serenes
LKing of Serenes, father of Reyson, Leanne, and Rafiel
MFree Daein state governed by Fiona
NEldest member of the Dawn Brigade
OSmall Crimean farming town, home of Nephenee, Brom and Meg
PName given to Micaiah, coined by a Daein Soldier
QElincia's special class
RRiver crossed by the Laguz Alliance
SLaguz version of the Master Crown
TContinent where Radiant Dawn takes place
UUltimate Axe used by Ike's Father
VNarcissistic member of the Begnion Senate and Duke of Culbert
WThe Ultimate Lance, held by Levail
XAmount by which number of attacks in one turn increases with a 'Brave' weapon
Y'Dark God' that possesses Micaiah's body
ZCommander of the Begnion Central Army

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