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HintThree-Numbered Thing
Punk band who sang 'Adam's Song'
Another name for the Master Chief
Popular rum from Bacardi
Common commercial airplane
The number of the devil
Monitor of Halo Installation 04
Annual automobile race held over Memorial Day weekend
Video Game Console by Microsoft
Track sprinting event that is a quarter mile long or one lap around the track
If your house was on fire, you would call this number
HintThree-Numbered Thing
Disc image emulator by Alcohol Soft
1996 Disney Cartoon
Dominos Pizza bargain that prices each medium pizza at five dollars
Common cigarette from one of America's leading cigarette brands
Tony Hawk was the first skater ever to land this trick
Internet radio website
Line of Volvo cars produced in the mid-90s
2006 movie by Zack Snyder
The characters from Lost were on this plane before it crashed
James Bond, AKA...

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