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1st surah you read in the beginning of every salah
Bulls, Ox, Bison, and .............
The Family of
Opposite of of a man is
The Table
Synonym for herd
Synonym for lengh
The spoils of war
Asking for forgiveness
Swallowed by a whale
Sent to the people of A'ad
Betrayed by family and thrown into a well
Comes after lightning
Father of Ismail and Ishaaq
The Rock
Hornet, wasp and .........
27 of Rajab
A group of believers slept in it for over 300 years
Only women mentioned in the Quran
Synonym for Messenger
One of the pillars of Islam
Opposite of disbeleivers
Opposite of dark
The Criterion
Those who write poetry
Prophet Sulayman (AS) could take to them
The Narration
Saved the Prophet Muhammed(SAW) at the cave
One of the oldest civilizations in the world
A very wise man who taught his son not to worship other than Allah (SWT)
Comes after Ruk'uu
The Confederates
A city in Yemen, Prophet Sulayman (AS)
Al Khaliq is an attribute of Allah (SWT), What does it mean
The Ranks
The Crowds
The Forgiver
The Consultation
Rich people love wearing ........ watches and always want it
The Smoke
Kneeling Down
The Sand dunes
The Last Prophet that Allah (SWT) sent
The Victory
Opposite of villas
The Scattering winds
Mount Sinai and Mount ...
Can be seen at night next to the moon
Neil Armstorng was the 1st man on the
1st name in Asma al Husna
The Inevitable Occurrence
Metal, Copper, .....
The Dispute
The Gathering
The One tested
Battle Array
Best day of the week
The Hypocrites
Mutual Loss and Gain
The Divorce
The Prohibition
The Soveirgnty
Reove the 'cil' from pencil
The Sure reality
Israa wal ...............
Built a boat and was saved by God
God created humans, angels, and ...
The Mantled one
The Cloacked one
When we will come back to life after we die
Allah (SWT) made ....... in the best form
Those Sent Forth
The News
Those Who Snatch
He frowned
The Folding up
The Cleaving asunder
Those who don't trade with honesty
The Splitting Asunder
The Great Constellations
The Night-Comer
God is The Most High
The Overwhelming
1st prayer of the day
Mekkah and Medinah are both holy ......
Ball of fire that gives us light everyday
Day and .........
The Glorious morning light
The Opening of the heart
Fruit found in Turkey, Egypt, and Morroco
The first words Jibreel (AS) said to Prophet Muhammed (SAW) are from this surah
1 of the pillars of Iman (Faith)
The Clear Evidence
Typhoon, Tornado, Hurricane, and .....
The Chargers
The Calamity
The Competitive accumulation of wealth
The Span of Time
The Slanderer
Largest land animal on earth
Tribe of the Prophet Muhammed (SAW)
Neighborly Needs
The river in Jannah
Opposite of believers
The Help
The Prophet Muhammed (SAW)'s uncle is mentioned
Sincere Devotion
The Explosion
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