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How many continents are there?
How many people live in Antarctica?
What is the biggest continent?
What country has the biggest population?
What is the 2nd country with the biggest population?
What is the country with the most land?
What is the country with the most land in North America?
How many people live in the US to the nearest 100 million?
How tall is Mt. Everest to the nearest 1000 foot?
What seperates the US and Russia?
1 + 1 =
7 X 0 =
A polygon with three sides is called?
A polygon with six sides is called?
9 divided by 3 is?
What is the square root of 81?
A triangle that has a 90 degree angle is called?
Two lines that intersect eachother 90 degrees is called?
What is the 10th digit of pi?
What is a polygon with 9 sides called?
What is the top grossing movie?
What is the top grossing movie of 2009?
What is the director and writer of Star Wars?
How much money did Titanic make in the US to the nearest 50 million?
Who voiced Optimus Prime in Transformers and Transformers 2?
What is Mt. St. Helens?
What animal is closely related to a human?
A meniscus can be found in what measuring device?
In DNA, one base is named T, what does T stand for?
What is the average body temperature for a healthy person to the nearest tenth of a degree?
Where are chromosomes?
DNA stands for?
Cone cells are found where?
What bird came extinct in the 1600s by people and lived on the island of Mauritius?
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In a cell, ER stands for?
In school, history is called?
What empire built the Colloseum?
How many big pyramids are there in the Giza Necropolis?
In 1776, what was the city in the US with the most population?
Who betrayed the Americans in the American Revolution?
What state had a gold rush starting in the late 1840s?
In what region did D-Day happen?
Which city in Alaska had a big oil spill and is where the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline ends?
Where did Christopher Columbus first land in the Americas?
In what city did the pilgrims first land?
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
What big series on television starts with Star?
What cartoon started in 1929 and stopped in 2004 by Cartoon Network?
What show does Donald Trump run?
What show has the host Danny Forster and is about the greatest structures under construction?
How do you spell bargin correctly?
How many years is bicentennial?
How do you spell nocternul correctly?
Never eat soggy ______
Is anywheres a word, if not spell the right word
How do you spell bolevart correctly?
What is the only city in the US that ends with -burgh?
How do you spell Kazsakkstaan correctly?
What is the most spoken language in the world?
How do you spell Kurgestaan correctly?
What holiday is Santa Claus in?
In Halloween, what is a carved pumpkin with a candle in it called?
What holiday did the Irish invent?
In 2007, what toy did most kids want on Christmas?
On what day do the Eastern Orthodox celebrate Christmas?
What is the most visited website?
What is the 2nd most visited website?
What is this the adress of this website?
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What website is known for selling books?
What website ends with -pedia?
What is the 2nd president of the US?
What is the first African-American president?
What president was president when they first used the atomic bomb?
What president is known for a saying, 'I like Ike.'
What president was president when California became a state?
What is the biggest US State?
What is the smallest US State?
What is the newest Canadian province?
What US state is in the geographic center of North America?
What state is in the center of the 48 contigous states
What is after Windows Vista?
What cell phone is created by Apple?
What is an iPod with no screen on it called?
Who invented super glue?
What does AMD stand for?
Who was the first person to mass produce cars?
Caddilac is a brand of what car manfacturer?
Lamborghini is from what country?
What car is Bumblebee from Transformers?
Who invented the car?
What famous singer/dancer died in 2009?
What band has four singers, is from England, and was popular during the 60s and 70s?
Who was popular during the 60s and 70s and was famous for many songs such as Heartbreak Hotel and Jailhouse Rock?
What is the first name of the singer that has the last name John?
Who composed the music for Star Wars and Indiana Jones?
Who's on the $1 bill?
What is the cheapest bill for having a person who isn't president on it?
What is the most famous channel to be about food?
Ratatouille is from what country?
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