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What capital's letters can be re-arranged into Mali?
What is the capital of Malta?
Which country has the most land? Libya? Algeria? Mali? or Niger?
What is the capital of Portugal?
Dhaka is the capital of what country?
Mt. Everest borders China and what other country?
What country owns the western portion of the island New Guinea?
What is the only country in Asia that has 4 letters and starts with the letter L?
Sfax is a city in what country?
Cote D'Ivoire is a country in what continent?
Name a country that touches Lake Chad other than Chad?
What is the only capital in South America that starts with Q?
New Caledonia is an island in what continent?
What peninsula in Russia has a city named Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy in it?
Belmopan is the capital of what country?(Hint: It's in North America)
What is the capital of Moldova?
What country owns Easter Island?
What small country borders Spain and France?
Burma is a country now known as what?
What gulf touches Libya?
Saltillo is a city in what country?
Koror is the capital of what country? (Hint: The country has a population less than 500,000)
What country has the capital named Begawan?
Name one of the 2 large seas that India touches?
The Great Slave Lake is in what country?
What large river flows through Istanbul?
What mountain range runs through Morocco and Northern Algeria?
What is the smallest ocean?
Belgrade is the capital of?
Out of the 6 countries divided from Serbia, which one has the least amount of population?
The Flores Sea is in what country?
James Bay touches what larger bay?
What is the smallest country in the world?
The Gulf of California seperates what peninsula from Mexico?
Name 1 of the 3 continents that the Tropic of Capricorn passes through?
Basra is a city in what country?
What is the capital of Ghana?
What country does the Douro river start?
Port Sudan touches what sea?
Guadeloupe is an island oned by what country?
Fredericton is a city in what country?
What is Cambodia's capital named?
Nanchang is a city in what country?
Baku is the capital of what country?
What capital is closest to Beirut?
Rostov is a city in what country?
What island does Italy own? Sardinia or Corsica?
What continent is closest to the intersection of 0 degrees and 0 degrees?
Bordeaux is a city in what country?
Manhattan is a city in what US state?
Super Hard Question: What big city is near Folsom, California?
Ultra Hard Question: La Paloma is a city in what country?
53rd Question: Are you smart?
Last Question: How many continents are there?

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