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Can you name the Names of Robots in Transformers 2?

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Occupation and Some InfoName of RobotsColor and Some Info
Autobot Leader (#1)Red, Gray, Blue
Autobot Weapons SpecialistGray, Black
Sam's Protector (#3)Yellow, Black
Autobot Medical OfficerYellow Green
Autobot Warrior with 2 swords (#5)Silver
Decepticon to AutobotBlack
Decepticon to AutobotBlue
Autobot Warrior nicknamed Electro WhipBlue
Autobot WarriorOrange Twin
Autobot WarriorGreen Twin
Autobot Warrior - Gender: FemalePink
Autobot Warrior - Gender: FemaleBlue
Autobot Warrior - Gender: FemaleRed (At first named Flare Up)
Decepticon LeaderBlack, Red
Used to be Decepticon LeaderGray
Decepticon LieutenantGray
Dead Decepticon Now AliveBeige
Occupation and Some InfoName of RobotsColor and Some Info
Decepticon Communications OfficerGray, Blue
Decepticon WarriorGrayish Black (Robotic Jaguar or Puma)
Decepticon Warrior that is as thin as paperGray
Decepticon DoctorGray
Decepticon WarriorGray (Look-Alike to Another Decepticon)
Decepticon Warrior disguised as a humanGray
Huge Decepticon Warrior (#24)Red, Green, Gray, and Yellow
Body of #24Red (Look-Alike to Another Decepticon)
Head of #24Gray
Back of #24Red
Right Leg of #24Green
Left Leg of #24Yellow in #24 but Red when battling #3
Right Arm of #24Yellow
Left Arm of #24Yellow
Deception WarriorGray (Killed by #5)
Decepticon Dead Now AliveGray
Decepticon WarriorRed (Killed by #1)

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