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Can you name the Knights of the New Republic?

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Son of Corellian Jedi Master
Main character of Jedi Academy
Bothan Jedi during Second Galactic Civil War
Apprentice of Master Ramis
Bith member of Myrkyr team
Son of Barabel Jedi Master
Bothan member of 'the Unit'
First victim of Abeloth's psychosis
Grandson of the Chosen One, killed at Myrkyr
Falleen Jedi killed by Darth Caedus
Human Jedi captured at Gyndine
Human Jedi scarred during Battle of Ebaq 9
Grandson of Chosen One, 16 year-old Jedi Knight
Rodian member of Myrkyr team
Sword of the Jedi
Brubb member of Wild Knights
Arcona member of Wild Knights
Grandson of Chosen One, killed at Shedu Maad
Twi'lek Jedi killed at Ithor
Khommite Jedi, part of 1st Class of Jedi Knights

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