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HintCharacterFirst Episode
Head of the Warehouse, he likes everything the old-fashioned way
Quite laid back, he likes to do things his way
Very critical of herself, she tries to do everything by herself
The techno-whizz of the team, she is also the youngest
Being very freindly, she owns the B&B
A very strict woman, she is caretaker of the warehouse
An ex-warehouse agent, he tried to sell on artifacts.
After being de-bronzed, she tried to trick the team, and use the minoan trident to start another ice age
She moved away, after trying to kill one of the team, under the influence of an artifact
HintCharacterFirst Episode
A member of the witness protection program, he fell in love with one of the team
One of the regents, he accompanied the team to warehouse 2
The creator of the warehouse system, he installed a security program that trapped the team inside the warehouse
The two new recruits old boss.
He got trapped between two dimensions using a compass
He joined the team at the start of season 3. Also, he is gay.
The warehouse 13 doctor. She fell in love with the boss.
Posing as a trained FBI agent, she tricked the team into letting steal artifacts.

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