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I'm tired of covering up all my pride. So give me five on the black hand side
Bring on that pecan pie. Pour some sugar on it sugar, don't be shy
I see all those party lights shining ahead, so someone invite me before I drop dead (Before she drops dead)
Dresses like a circus clown,somebody oughta hose her down
Don't you let nobody try to steal your fun, 'cause a little touch of lipstick never hurt no-one
Yoohoo my stomachs a little sour; I haven't had food in over a hour. You just had a pizza, six burgers, a mouse!
How many sweaters do you own? Well, I'm sure I have plenty, let me see I have 3..5, no wait, I have 20
You're like a stinky old cheese babe, just getting riper with age
Round 1, he'll ask me on a date, and then round 2, I'll primp but won't be late
And if they try to stop us Seaweed, I'll call the N-double-A-C-P
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Mama, I've been in the nest for far too long, so please give a push, and mama watch me fly, watch fly
And I'm the man who keeps it spinning round, Mr Corny Collins with the latest greatest baltimore sound
Seaweed, you're my black white knight, I've found my blue-eyed soul. Sweet freedom is our goal
Take my advice and you might just get the only thing better than hairspray, that's me. Forget the milkman.
A king ain't a king without the power behind the throne
Baby don't sleep. Baby wont eat. Baby just likes to do the boink-boink
It's so clear every year we get stronger (stronger)
So Link please rescue me now 'cause I love you, and this prison smells
There's a cry, asking why? I pray the answers up ahead
Hey, look out for that moving van, look out, look out, look out, look out.
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