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QUIZ: Can you name the Super Mario Trivia 2?

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What is the first thing that Mario says in the beginning of Super Mario 64?
How many files are there in Super Mario 64 DS?
How many coins are needed in Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS, and Super Mario Sunshine to get a Power Star/Shine Sprite?
How many red coins are there in Super Mario 64, and Super Mario Sunshine?
What is the first course of Super Mario 64?
What is the last course of Super Mario 64?
Where does the final boss in Super Mario Bros. 3 take place in?
How many Bowser Castles are there in Super Mario Kart?
What is the name of the Shitaki Mushroom-based enemy in the Super Mario series?
What is the boss in New Super Mario Bros. DS World 4?
What is the first level ever in the series to include Bowser?
From what game?
From what console?
From what year?
What was the first game in which Shy Guys were in?
What's the American name for Super Mario Bros. 2 for Japan
In what Mario game is there a dungeon-like level?
What's the first Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2?
What's the first game in which Yoshi was in?
Who is Jumpman's girlfriend?

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