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Can you name the Super Mario Bros. 1-2?

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This is the map for Super Mario World. Keep in mind that it is the biggest map of them all.
This is the map for Super Mario 64. It includes all the levels.
This is the map of Super Mario Sunshine. It's not Delfino Plaza.
The first secret of Bianco Hills is the ___ Shine Sprite
The level in Super Mario Sunshine in which you fight a giant robot.
The first section of Super Mario World is:
This is the amount of courses in Super Mario 64.
The flying power-up in New Super Mario Bros. Wii is:
The power-up in Super Mario 64 DS that lets Mario float like a balloon is:
This is the power-up of Super Mario Bros 3 that lets you turn into a statue:
The first galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy is:
Super Mario Galaxy's first Star-in-a-ball galaxy is:
This Galaxy involves Topmaniac and a giant asteroid.
This Super Mario Sunshine level includes Bloopers:
These Super Mario Sunshine enemies exist in Gelato Beach:
Wiggler is the boss of Super Mario Sunshine in:
What does Bowser Jr. call Princess Peach in Super Mario Sunshine?
Who told him?
What is Bowser's other name?
What is the Mario game that lets you create your own levels?

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