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A small knight who wields a yellow sword.
The 'Blue Bomber'
Wields the Master Sword and Hylian Shield
Pink ball with a magical copy ability
A long lasting fued with Mario
Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom
Youthful version of a Hyrule Hero
An Italian plumber who wears green
Your own created fighter
Space duo
Super healthy fitness instructor
Space bounter hunter (without suit)
King of Evil who always wants the Tri-force
Zelda's transformation up until Wii U/3DS
Practically useless electric Pokemon
An Italian plumber who wears red.
Mountain climbing duo
Penguin King of Dream Land
Personally, he prefers the air.
Fat biker who often causes mischief
Bonus: Smash Bros. Villian
Water Pokemon with Shadow Sneak
Princess of Hyrule
Wields a large sword with one hand.
Aura Pokemon
Rival of Fox Mcloud
All-Star Boxer
Yellow arcade legend
This version of Mario has a stethascope
The 'Poster Boy' for Fire Emblem
Helpful arsenal of realistic weapons.
Space bounty hunter (suit)
Leader of an all animal space crew
Robotic Operating Buddy
Kid from Earthbound with special powers
An electric type Pokemon.
The king of the koopas.
Fire type Pokemon
2D classic Nintendo icon.
Main Character in The Windwaker
Animal Crossing's main protagonist
Mysterious Pokemon with Pshycic powers
Singing Balloon Pokemon
Green haired Goddess of the heavens
Fastest hedgehog alive
Angel and servent to Lady Palutena
Astronaut with tiny colorful friends.
Has three Pokemon in his arsenal
Green dinosaur with a useful tounge
Red haired Fire Emblem prince.
Shy kid with true potential
Funny monkey with a peanut pop-gun
Falcon Punch!!!

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