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Can you name the words or phrases that end with 'X'??

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Fighting formation employed by the Ancient Greeks
Formula 1 tournament
A play area or video game with changeable content
Smoked Salmon
The danger of time travel
Toxin used in cosmetic surgery
Funny sounding bone at the base of the spine
A Mel Gibson character and film of the same name
A red wine and its eponymous city in southwest France
A video game featuring a spacecraft crewed by animals
Asian mountain goat
Twin of Castor
Might be found at the top of a mountain or graph (not to be confused with No. 16)
Outer layers of the brain or kidney
East coast MLB team
1998 film starring Edward Norton
A curse of misfortune or Bond girl from 'Die Another Day'
Expensive watch brand
Deadly spore-based disease used as a bioweapon
Might be found in a tornado or whirlpool (not to be confued with No. 27)
Shared name of a classic comedian and early socialist philosopher
Rules around language and equations
DNA structure
Plastic explosive similar to C4
Solid Snake's favorite disguise
Game company behing the Final Fantasy Series
Number of the Beast
First finger, or section at the start of a book
Prehistoric predator or band that sang 'Children of the Revolution'
Goldfinger had dastardly plans regarding this gold repository

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