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Can you name the Kaiju movies (Japanese monster movies)?

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YearMovieExtra info
1966Two hairy beasts
2001Special effects help from gamera makers
1974Robot godzilla
1996Giant butterfly returns
1970Features gezora, ganimes and kamoebas
1993Return of robot godzilla
2000Godzilla fights giant dragonfly
1954One of the most famous kaiju movies
1994Eight headed dragon
1961Giant butterfly
1984First in heisei series
1969Widely considered to be one of the worst kaiju movies
1965First time godzilla was in space
1957Has a robot named Moguera
1963Giant mushroom monsters
2002Robot godzilla is back again
1956Supersonic pteranodon
1992Giant butterfly returns
1966First godzilla movie on mst3k
1958Really obscure monster
1971Has a theme song called 'save the earth'
1975Last of the Showa series
YearMovieExtra info
1995Last of heisei series
1964Mutant dinosaur battles butterfly
1973Another godzilla movie on mst3k
1967Another giant gorilla
1964Jellyfish like aliens
1994Godzilla from space
1968Has a total of 11 monsters
1997Another mothra movie
1963Drill ship
1998Another mothra movie
1991Three headed dragon returns
200450th anniversary film
1962Famous monster rivalry
1964Three headed dragon is introduced
1999First of millennium series
1967Takes place on solgell island
1989Godzilla fights a plant monster
1965Giant humanoid
1962A star falling to earth
1972Features alien cockroaches
2003Godzilla vs mothra vs mechagodzilla
1955Next in the series

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