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YearFilmBrief description
199513th century Scotland vs England showdown
1994Prince witnesses fathers death, runs away, then comes back to bring justice
1988On Christmas eve, an NYPD cop visits Los Angeles
1961Giant mutant butterfly rescues twin faries
1978Killer wreaks vengeance on anyone guilty of teenage sex
1937Crazed stepmother wants to be most beautiful
1968During space voyage, computer goes crazy
1927Utopian society gone wrong
1995What toys do when you're not looking
1959New York advertising executive drawn into conspiracy
1931Mad scientist decides to play God
1964The third film in a series, considered the best in the series
1993Group of people visit dinosaur park, hell brakes loose
1982Lonely child meets an alien
1984Robot travels back in time to kill unborn child
1979In space, no one can hear you scream
1972Brilliant adaptation of a Mario Puzo novel
1946Man wonders what life would be like if he was never born
1993Business minded nazi hopes to earn fortune
1954Nuclear beast attacks Tokyo
1968In the future, earth is ruled by animals
1993Pumpkin king wants to try something new
1968They won't stay dead!
1975Group of people hunt evil shark
1976Boxer goes the distance
YearFilmBrief description
1977Boy in distant galaxy dreams of joining galactic rebellion, meets people and rescues princess
1999Life is a virtual reality simulation
1922Silent,German retelling of Dracula
1951Aliens threaten to take over and shut off earths power for a day
1954Man stuck in apartment room becomes obsessed with activities of neighbors
1941It tells the life of Kane
1971Five children go to a factory
20032 fish look for missing child
2001/2002/2003Creatures battle for a ring of power
1958Man in a hallucinatory relationship with woman he believes to be dead lover.
1933Giant ape causes havok in New York
1931Universal retelling of Bram Stoker novel
1961Musical story of star crossed lovers
1983Rebellion destroys galactic empire
1953English kids are taken to neverland
1956Giant Pteranodon released from mines, proceeds to attack Japan
1981The story of a know-it-all maverick archaeologist
1960Thief woman hides at Bates Motel
1980Rebellion found and attacked, boy learns training from wise warrior then fights his father
1942Always near the top of all-time greatest movie lists
1940Animated musical chaos
1939Girl with red slippers battles witch in fantasy land
1990Child gets left at home as two idiot burglars try to break in
1985Scientist invents time traveling car
1956Spacecraft lands on mysterious planet

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