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Can you name the Oceansize songs from their anagrams?

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Forced Order
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AnagramSong Title
Hermit Ed
I Pen
Moon Rot Row
Venom Cheetah Riffs
Deadpan Gosling Denied Loss
Even Vile Aha
Mars Son
Crotch Access Peace Pane
A Mahatma Ego Shoe
Over Shoe
He in Most
Soupier Sperm
Strangles a New Torn Moth
Ahem Fret
Rail Forfeit
Vets Sieve a Membrane
Act Salty
Thorn Offers a Ceded Nihilist
A Lock
Unbuckled a Theorist
Frying Databases Shrunk a Tom Row
AnagramSong Title
Spy Ethane Wing
Hi Us Yow
End Sir
Premier Spouts
Crap Acid Art
Veal Urn
Maiming Throne
Pen Win
Monkey Town Duped a Cabana
Vomit His Erect Marmot
Soon Elude a Hydro Cab Lustily
Infamous Curers
Run Aim Fail
Mute Ape
Not Golfer Tong
Tinny Owl
Mown Loom Owl Ed Vows Revenge Huh
A Mere Hebrew Eye Rumor
Nil Tartan Serpents
Silly Inlaid Matt Notifies With a Cat
Van Sat

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