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Can you name the Muse song from the given lyrics??

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LyricsSong nameAlbum
'Try to ride out the storm'
'Blossom in the trees, you know how I feel'
'You wanted more than I was worth'
'There's no one like you in the universe'
'Hide from the mirror, the cracks and the memory'
'Shame on you for thinking you're all alone'
'This life's too good to last'
'Now the world is upside down'
'What you want and what you need'
'Wash the blood off your hands'
LyricsSong nameAlbum
'Brainwashing our children to be mean'
'A future that won't let you disagree'
'Buy when blood is on the street'
'Useless device, it won't suffice'
'Now I'm free from this old condition'
'When my heart is split like Rio'
'You were warned and didn't listen'
'Wearing just socks and a phone'
'It's time we saw a miracle'
'Look through a faithless eye'

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